There is beauty and pain in healing.
Many times we talk about the beauty of the healing but there is so much pain in the process too. Some days, it feels like more pain than beauty and the last thing I want to do is give anyone the impression that my healing journey is a glamorous one, it isn’t and hasn’t been. Painful part of healing for me was releasing past hurts, especially where forgiveness but no apologies came into play. But the beautiful part are days like these when you realize that living in the past is what’s keeping you from your current blessings.
I am continuously letting go of the victim mentality and taking accountability. And for whatever it’s worth, if I can help anyone during their healing that I’ve hurt, know that I apologize for not knowing and doing better. Most times it all comes down to us living in that constant state of victim mentality and then like saying goes, “hurt people, hurt people” becomes our reality. I’m genuinely sorry for being one of those people and that reality to anyone.